Bamboo to be used as roofing material in future – Must Read Why

Bamboo sheets is as strong as stainlesss steel
“Bamboo has a tensile strength (ts) that rivals steel and its particular weight-to-strength ratio surpasses regarding graphite, ” states Manjunath, who is also starting up member and managing trustee of the Centre for Green Building Materials and Technology (CGBMT), Bengaluru.
“One column of bamboo produces enough oxygen for your lifetime. Additionally, it helps to save the planet from the effects of weather change due to its unrivalled capacity to capture carbon.

Why use bamboo in construction

  • It can be used in structural applications such as columns, light beams, walls, roofs and staircases.
  • It has a tensile strength that rivals metal.
  • It can replace 80 per cent of metallic and wood in building.
  • It can slow weather change because of it is capacity to capture co2.
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Bamboo has multiple applications
Manjunath has performed with bamboo for 18 years and has used it to make wall space, beams, columns, doors, glass windows, roofs, railings, fencing, staircases and boundary walls from the material. In the projects she has designed across the country, bamboo bedding has completely replaced metallic and concrete for articles and beams. It has recently been used to make precast walls and attics.
“The slab is players with Bamboo Fibre Sturdy Concrete, which is less heavy than conventional concrete, inch claims Manjunath, whose determined has notched up yet another achievement by being the only the one that symbolized India at the Venice Architecture Biennale’s exhibition ‘Time-Space-Existence’ this year.
Bamboo is eco friendly
The crusader for sustainable architecture states her first project was a VIP pantry for Raj Bhavan in Bangalore, in 2000.
“The governor, Master of science Rama Devi, wanted it to be produced with bamboo bedding and sheets. The versatility of bamboo sheets and the liberty in designing due to the properties and workability attracted me. One can develop almost any form of building with it, from a toilet to metro channels, stadiums and airports, very well reveals the architect and recipient of the Globe Architecture Community award (2013), Lafarge Invention Award (2011) and nominee for the Aga Khan Award for Architecture (2013). She was also felicitated at the International Bamboo Conclave, 2014.
A finish the Govt College of Architecture in Lucknow, Manjunath happens to be working on real estate projects at Aditi Greenscapes in Bengaluru. Other major projects with her credit are the Bamboo Hub, Agra; CGBMT headquarters – Sustainability Institute, Bengaluru; one of the metro channels in Bengaluru; the cafe at the Petroleum University or college in Gandhinagar, Gujarat; Country wide Bamboo Centre in Rajaborari, Madhya Pradesh.
Promoting bamboo bedding among students
The finest challenge to promoting bamboo sheets in construction, is the perception as a short-term framework, Manjunath points out. “Also, the bamboo sector is not willing to take on financial and other dangers to promote the materials even though India is the second-largest producer of bamboo in the world, she says.
Manjunath thinks she can make a lasting difference by presenting budding architects to this simple yet revolutionary materials. Ruing that it is not part of the curriculum in architecture and engineering colleges, she’s promoting the various applications of bamboo through vocational classes through participating in displays and lectures across the world. She is also dealing with her alma mater, Dayalbagh University, to get started on a nation-wide skill development system for the bamboo sector.

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